Solutions for the aerospace industry

Highly accurate manufacturing in clean air.

Demands on precision and product quality in the aerospace industry belong to the highest on the market. Polluted surfaces, on turbine vanes, for example, cause problems: proper functioning of an engine may become difficult and premature wear and tear will be an issue. Products for use in aircrafts need to be manufactured in high-class production environments. Even only light pollution must be avoided, residual dirt is a benchmark not to be exceeded.

Clean surfaces

Production processes in the aerospace industry emit dust particles and liquefied aerosols. Finest metal particles, CFK dust, lubricants and coolants need to be removed out of the workshop air. Only than the production environment is protected from a dirt film, which will otherwise form a layer on expensive machines and products - only clear air avoids substandard results or problems in precision machining. You need professionals for doing this job.

Comprehensive solution portfolio 

Air pollution control systems by ILT adapt to most different applications in the aerospace industry. Especially high filtration and collection efficiency up to clean-room standards can be realized as well as special automation and control units. Our solutions are in operation wordwide: on production lines for manufacturing and overhaul of engine parts or for the manufacturing of cabin interiors. What may we do for you?