Solutions for the metal working industry

High manufacturing quality needs standards.

Modern metal working is versatile and needs to correspond to many demands: legal requirements regarding environmental health and safety must be met as well as customer demands regarding product and production quality.

Air pollution control is a keystone for success in your production environment. Process safety increases, error rates are lower, and employee motivation rises. In order to reach your targets you need a partner who provides consulting, support, and functional solutions.

Process and cost in control - with ILT

Air pollution control systems are no catalogue merchandise. The challenge: poor technology cames apparent only slowly (excessive dirtying, high maintenance, failure to fulfil EHS-standards, etc.) or very quickly (units bought have no effect at all).

We are experts in the metal working industry since 1983. Every process, every machine, and each of our customers is different. In order that air pollution control systems work flawlessly, industry know-how and comprehension of manufacturing processes is paramount.

Modern air filtration equipment becomes an safe and cost-effective investment only with this experience. Because only efficient air pollution control helps to minimize relevant cost pools of a machine tool:

Example of the cost structure of a machine tool: effective air pollution control helps to significantly reduce costs related to maintenance, unplanned repairs, energy, and coolants.

Your application is decisive.
We provide the right solution for it.

No matter if you manufacture make-to-order parts with only machine tool or if we talk about high-volume serial production with many machining centres: your application matters. We deliver solution from 500 to over 100,000 m³/h - as individual suction systems or centralized plants for emissions from most different processes:

  • Suction on additive manufacturing machines
  • Reduction of emissions on all metal forming or cutting proceses
  • Removal of contaminants from minimum quantity lubrication, high-pressure lubrication, or dry processes
  • Suction on eroding machines
  • Capturing of airbonre contaminants on manual workplaces

We realize your solution according state-of-the-art standards and with our patented modular system. It is upscalable and saves you stock-keeping and maintenance cost. Our energy efficient ventilators exceed the demands of the ErP-Directive and save you operating cost. What may we do for you?

Electrostatic filter systems replace outdated centrifugal separators

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ELOFIL® Electrofilter & UNIFIL® Filtering Separator: group-exhaust installation

ELOFIL Electrofilter at turning lathe

ELOFIL® Electrofilter: Application at bar machines