ELOFIL® Electrofilter: Application at bar machines

Monolithic system: several machines equipped with identical electrofilters. High savings in spare parts, climate technology, and maintenance. No oil mist develops anymore.

Most important for this project was that a full-line supplier equips all lathes. With our solution, high cost savings have been realised: By employing electrostatic filters no follow-up costs incur for filter media. As identical electrofilters have been applied, maintenance costs are positively low and return on investment was outstanding.

By using electrostatic filter technology (instead of old-fashioned centrifugal filters) all MAC-values are under-run.

ELOFIL Electrofilter at turning lathe

Suitable for many types of lathes: ELOFIL Electrofilters. In this case the polluted air from lathes is caught individually, filtered and led back to the workshop with all positive effects, cleaned air has.