ELOFIL® Electrofilter - Example of a central exhaust system: Costs saved and MAC-values met.

Exhaustion of several CNC turning lathes. The demanded MAC-values were positively below the maximum.

The product applied in this case: ELOFIL® Electrofilter with optional summer-/winter mode. A clear advantage regarding workshop climatization. Highest demands regarding the purity of air while remaining flexible in operation had to be met - and were fulfilled to the full content of the operator. The whole installation filters air such reliable that all MAC-values according to VDI 262 Bl. 3 are met.

Ductwork has been installed flexibly so that machines can be added later at any time without problems.

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Connection of machines to the central exhaust system via a ring line with branches to the individual machines. Machines can be added or disconnected at any time without major changes to the whole plant.

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