We analyse your case of application.

To make an air filter plant work the optimum way the case of application has to be specified exactly.

This refers not only to questions how, e.g. ducts have to be installed. It is especially important to check the features of the media causing the air pollution.

For the analysis of your case of application we have a wide range of tools available. As one of the few suppliers of air filter technology we are well equipped with the most important tools:

  • Various laser spectrometers
  • Digital measuring equipment
  • Contraction choke anemometer
  • Coolants analysis
  • Chemical crude gas analysis

Sample measurement with laser spectrometer: We have the equipment to determine MAC values.

In special cases we also do analysis in operating plants in order to specify collection and filtration efficiency with alternating loads.

Our analytical investigations are an important part of our advisory service concept. They help us to maintain our plants’ efficiency.

That’s why you receive a comprehensive analysis of your case of application with each of our offers. Of course free of charge.