Pure air, guaranteed.

You want a clean production with clean air. And you want a cost-saving solution without unnecessary down times. We can guarantee this.

  • The ILT guarantee of performance:

    Plants projected and put into operation by us work. We will give to you a guarantee of performance for this, if desired*. If, against all expectations, one of our plants should not meets the requirements as projected, we take it back with full repayment of the purchase price. You do not bear any risk.
  • The exclusive ILT guarantee program:

    With our guarantee program BASIS3 you can be sure to have done a good investment. ILT is granting a 3- year guarantee on all air filter plants and equipment, including the expendable parts.*

As the only manufacturer of air filter plants we offer a comprehensive guarantee program, for you without any cost or risk. This will be our performance in case of guarantee:

  • Immediate investigation of the cause of trouble;
  • Prompt delivery of spare and/or replacement parts (as well expendable parts as e.g. gaskets and engines);
  • Quick repair of the unit at the supply or operating location;
  • Replacement of the air filter unit in case the failure cannot be repaired.
  • Within the scope of the optional guarantee of performance: take-back of the plant and payback of the purchase price.

* The guarantee of performance will be granted according to the applicable conditions if desired. Guarantee Basis3 will be granted individually according to the applicable conditions for these mentioned products. Guarantee programs may differ from country to country. Please enquire.