Solutions for the chemicals industry

Retaining harmful substances safely, recycle reusable materials.

Mixing, vapourising, dissolving - the production processes in the chemicals industry are as versatile as the products. During production dusts, aerosols, and gases develop, which need to be retained and contained safely. In the same time, reusable materials should be recycled. 

Clean air and low cost.

Air Pollution control systems for the chemicals industry by ILT do not only take care of clean air: they recycle reusable materials, which can be re-introduced to the production process. With positively high influence on production cost.

Comprehensive range of products.

Our air pollution control systems are applied in many fields of the chemicals industry. We provide Solutions for the production of colorant pigments, lubricants, and synthetic granules as well as many other specialized processes. Our solutions feature high performance at highest flexibility and individual design. What may we do for you?