Solutions for the electronics & high-tech industry

Removal of pollutants, filtration of supply air.

During manufacturing of electronic parts or systems not only welding smoke, fumes, aerosols, or gases develop, which need to be removed. Applications may extend to the filtration of supply air, which is needed for cooling purposes. Or special gases need to be cleaned which are present in pressurized systems for the manufacturing of special cables.

Know-How for special applications

ILT has a broad experience in the filtration of air and gases in productions systems of the electronices and high-tech industry. With a patented modulars system, we develop air pollution control systems cost-effectively and efficiently. This means: air filtration plants adapted to your application in time and in budget.

Almost unlimited possibilites: from stainless steel to gas-tight

ILT air filtering systems for the electronics industry are supplied in most different designs. We can provide solutions made of stainless steel for aggressive media and gast-tight casings. Even for the most uncommon application, we will find a solution. This promise is kept since 1983.