Solutions for the energy sector

Clean quality manufacturing. For a multitude of applications.   

Components for the energy industry vary in size and material. Combined emissions such as welding smoke or plastics residues are often a challenge. Special jigs need to be designed or large machinery parts have to be moved. When complete nacelles or base frame are constructed or cables are manufactured, airborne contaminants need to be removed. We provide your solution.

Safe air pollution control systems for the manufacturing of energy equipment. And for their operation.

Large parts, like rims for wind energy plants, can pose a challenge: because of the part size, machine tools are difficult to encapsulate. This leads to emissions spreading in the workshop. We from ILT have a solution for capturing and removing of coolant mist safely - without a full-scale capsulation of your machine.

For cable and wire manufacturing, we offer filtration systems adapted to your process. You operate compressors, superchargers, or turbines? ILT offers solutions to remove oil mist from transmission casings, cooling systems, or storage tanks.

We are your plant manufacturer and realize a multitude of solutions - tailor-made for your application:

  • Oil mist filtration and removal
  • Dedusting technology
  • Protective filters for electrical cabinets
  • Special solutions for solar energy

Portal milling machine Toshulin with special ILT pollution control system - no need to fully encapsulate the machine, flexible loading with a crane possible, positively lower investment than other solutions