Solutions for the food industry

You are active in an industry, which has highest demands on cleanliness. We correspond to that.

No matter if we talk about direct contact to food or machines "in the second line": production enviroments in the food industry must correspond to highest demands. Starting at the machine in the tools department up to the exhaust systems on calenders or conveyor belts, for example.

Throughout many of your processes pollutants develop, which demand special attention: special compositions with organic and explosive ingredients or oil mist from baking processes to name only two. Even if just standard coolants are an issue - you need a partner, who understands you.

Example of a dedusting unit for sweets production - engineered completely by ILT.

You master pollutants with our solutions safely .

We are a system builder and engineer according to your demands. You have special requirements regarding steel or system components or you need an air pollution control system which corresponds to special demands? No problem. We offer a multitude of solutions for many different kinds of applications such as:

  • Suction on machines at your tools department
  • Air pollution control on stirring units
  • Removal by suction of residous glacing particles
  • Extraction of oil mist on applicators in bakeries

Emissions in the food industry underly legal requirements very often. We will be glad to provide technical consulting. What may we do for you?