Solutions for mechanical engineering

The situation today: your customers demand holistic solutions.

You engineer high-quality machines and components, because you know that high-quality results matter more than ever. Time has become critical for you and your customers. To bother in depth with specific issues is rarely possible.

Cost pressure, demands on quality, legal requirements, time, and budgetary restrains must correspond. You need a systems integrator who provides the rigth solutions.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
And added value is only reached when all parts fit perfectly.

Quality and cost efficiency is reached by choosing the right machines, which delivers optimal results by harmonized peripherals integrated with state-of-the-art consulting. Because you know that holistic solutions are endangered by poor parts with restricted function.

The challenge with air pollution control systems: poor technology becomes apparent slowly (excessive and unexpected pollution, increasing demands on maintenance, legal demands are not met) or suddenly (no effect at all, wrong process parameters or faulty capturing of pollution).

A holistic, integrated solution is only achieved when all equipment is harmonized.

Our concept is your guarantee for performance
so that your customers can produce clean quality parts.

Air pollution control systems are no catalogue merchandise. Broadbrush statements regarding suction performance or air-exchange-rates are of no help neither for you or your customers. Because every customer, every process is different. 

Just rely on a concept, which works since 1983. We support you in dimensioning and design, in customer service and care. Air filtration is process technology - "one-fits-all" does not work here. 

This is why we pay attention to proper engineering and traceability. We employ SAP, for example, to track machine history, quality and service reports. In order that you can be sure your customers always receive the best possible service. And air pollution control systems that work.

Electrostatic filter systems replace outdated centrifugal separators

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ELOFIL® Electrofilter & UNIFIL® Filtering Separator: group-exhaust installation

ELOFIL Electrofilter at turning lathe

ELOFIL® Electrofilter: Application at bar machines