Solutions for the plastics processing industry

As versatile as the plastics employed

Products made of plastics or rubber are indispensable in many applications. It is possible to adapt the components for most different applications by adding fillers or fibres. In the same time, this may pose challenges for air pollution control in the manufacturing process: most different airborne pollutions may be present.

Finest dust, flexibilizers, and vapors

Air pollution control for the plastics industry means to cope with a multitude of airborne contaminants. Very often, filtration itself does not pose a challenge but the behaviour of the plastics: they may be abrasive, contain fibres, or are oily - sometimes all of that is combined. We accept this challenge.

Process experience since 1983

We have a broad knowledge of the special demands in the plastics industry. And we know the applications. Our air pollution control systems are employed for the protection of production machines against abrasive components as well as in applications for the production of V-belts and drive belts and in the tyre manufacturing industry.