CLAROFIL® Air Scrubber: Removes problematic pollutants safely and efficiently.

The most efficient solution, for example, with explosive dusts.

Uncomplicated, robust and easy maintenance – and all at extremely low operating costs. Especially with problematic and potentially explosive dusts (e.g. organic dusts like flour), CLAROFIL is working safely and reliably. The filter sludge is thoroughly discharged employing automatic sediment excavators. Thanks to the generously sized revision opening, the case interior is easily accessible and easy to maintain. The CLAROFIL advantages in detail:

  • Meeting manifold requirements:
    Due to a wide ranging accessories program the CLAROFIL application is nearly unlimited (e.g. exterior installation would be possible employing heating elements).
  • More economic than post-combustion:
    As CLAROFIL consumes very little water as washing liquid no high energy costs arise from the thermal after treatment of problematic crude gases. With the automatic ride control system for the water intake only little washing liquid is required.
  • Made of stainless steel:
    As one of the few filters in the market CLAROFIL is made entirely out of stainless steel. Therefore it has a high resistance against corrosive crude gas loads and is protected against corrosion.