ELOFIL® Electrostatic

Filters High-Performance for the Manufacturing Industry

ELOFIL® electrostatic filters (electrostatic precipitators, ESPs): Reliability at low operating costs.

ELOFIL® distinguishes through determined design, high quality manufacture and an efficient performance principle. By employing our patent pending modular system, small and large scale installations for most different applications can be realized quickly - while saving investment costs. The decisive advantage compared with other filtration methods: 

Re-usable filter elements:
They have just to be cleaned and are immediately ready for operation, no secondary costs for filter materials arising. Further pros: high operational reliability and long life time; i.e. the filter elements require low maintenance.

Flow optimized design: 
Despite of high exhaust capacity the fans consume very little energy. Therefore, operating costs are extremely low. ELOFIL electrostatic filters provide clean air at a reasonable price.


New! Patented high-efficiency collection performance: one of the most efficient elecrofilters available through our patentedDODRA technologie. Up to +13% higher collection efficiency compared to standard ionisers and up to +25% higher efficiency than old-fashioned saw-tooth ionisers. Get more out of the air with DODRA



one of the most important components with electrofilters is the high-voltage generator. With ELOFIL it is fully electronically controlled, short-circuit proof, and provides for smooth functioning. And should something happen despite all: compared to other electrofilters on the market, HV-generators used in ELOFIL are fully serviceable saving you operating costs.

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Electrostatic filter systems replace outdated centrifugal separators

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ELOFIL® Electrofilter & UNIFIL® Filtering Separator: group-exhaust installation

ELOFIL Electrofilter at turning lathe

ELOFIL® Electrofilter: Application at bar machines