KOMBIFIL® Dualfilters: for special requirements

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Highest collection performance at lowest costs

Complex, combined airborne pollutants through changing work processes, greasy welding, or critical manufacturing steps in general require special air filtration solutions.

With a constant filtration efficiency of 99,997% for particles > 0,3 µm KOMBIFIL Dualfilters provide for clean air even under adverse conditions - at positively low operating costs. Especially if highest demands on air purity have to be met, for example with high-precision production processes or for clean and grey-room use, KOMBIFIL is the solution.

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Electrostatic + mechanical mist collection combined =
ultimate functional safety

The KOMBIFIL Dualfilter is a procedural combined system, consisting of an electrostatic unit of the ELOFIL line of ESP-products and a mechanical filter module of type UNIFIL.

The advantages of both filtering principles are contained in one device. This is the guarantee for you, that air is filtered constantly with highest performance and most reliable technology.

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KOMBIFIL® Dualfilter with wire-bending machine