MOBIFIL® Welding Fume Filters: the mobile welding fume extractor. Practice-oriented design for industrial use.

The first welding fume filter corresponding to industry requirements

MOBIFIL weld smoke filters are application-orientated and of robust and compact design. Mobile, with four steering rollers, they are applicable wherever weld smoke emerges. One unit can be used with one or two suction arms simultaneously for several workplaces.

MOBIFIL is almost noiseless. It is approved by the Safety Authority and, above all: from the one German manufacturer of industrial air filter technology - ILT. The pros:

  • Long operating time without filter replacement: :
    The large-area filters achieve operating times from 1 ½ to 2 years (one-shift operation, according to admission). This holds as well for the filtering of big particles, e.g. as a result of working with a cutting wheel.
  • Extremely clean working air: 
    Particles sized >0.3 µm are separated up to 99.99%
  • Meeting all requirements of daily industrial routine:  
    MOBIFIL disposes of a large place of deposit for tools with a rubber mat; the tool handle being the cable reel; the filter case is not made of plastic but of shock-resistant steel – even the most rigorous environment will not be a problem.

Now certified by German employer's insurance association - suitable for high-alloy welding:

MOBIFIL® NT- a welding fume filter meeting industry demands. This welding fume filter is easy to operate and versatile. With optional adaptors, not only usual suction arms may be connected but also smaller machines or downdraught benches.

MOBIFIL NT's further highlights:

  • re-usable pre-filter - lowered operation costs
  • high efficiency particulate main filter - safe and cost-saving operation
  • in-place spark extinguishing feature - lowered fire danger
  • integrated phase rotator - operation possible with every CEE-mains plug
  • cabinet fully made of steel - impact resistant and suitable for heavy-duty use
  • easy maintenance

Weld safely with MOBIFIL.

MOBIFIL welding fume filters comply with the testing standard M03 by the German Institute for professional safety (BIA). MOBIFIL welding fume filters are especially suitable for high-industrial use and have been built according to the applicable norms and standards.

From arc-welding to complete hall-ventilation system. We have air cleaning solutions for all kinds of welding:

From arc-welding to complete hall-ventilation system. We have air cleaning solutions for all kinds of welding:

  • Arc-welding
  • gas-shielded and autogenous welding (even with spot-welding machines)
  • Hard and soft soldering
  • welding of oily and greasy parts
  • general finishing processes

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