The STAFIL® series provides easily for dust-free air.

The STAFIL® series provides easily for dust-free air.

Smooth operation, easy maintenance, and robust design – these are the advantages of STAFIL dust extractors.

With an efficient automatic cleaning device and modern filter media you can forget about dust problems. Further pros:

  • Flexible interior:
    Employing STAFIL high performance filter cartridges can be applied as well as so called surface separators (tubes); this way STAFIL can be adapted to changing requirements during continuous operation.
  • Compact Design:
    All filters from the STAFIL series have been designed space-saving in order to fit in perfectly into the production environment. Especially the STAFIL 72 series convinces through performance and capacity: it is one of the smallest and most efficient industrial dust extractors with a pneumatic cleaning device in the market.
  • Low consumption of energy and compressed air:
    All STAFIL filters are equipped with optimized fan units, consuming very little energy, as well as a pneumatic cleaning device with a low consumption of compressed air. So operating costs can be maintained low without risking a loss of capacity.
  • Easy and low maintenance: 
    Maintenance and replacement of filter elements is simple and without problems. Employing high performance filter elements, STAFIL ensures long operation times.

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