UNIFIL® Filtering Separators - Efficient and Versatile.


UNIFIL® Air Cleaners offer a high performance safety up to 99.997%.

UNIFIL air cleaners stand out for easy installation, easy operation and easy maintenance. Thanks to the well-devised design and the utilization of high quality filter elements, the units achieve long operating times and a collection efficiency of 99.997% for particles >0.3µm.

The decisive advantages compared to other solutions available:

  • Re-usable pre-filter elements:
    Their employment prolongs the operating time of the main filter and replacement is less often required as with comparable models in the market.
  • Modular Design:
    In case of changing an application, UNIFIL can be adapted any time in a budget-saving way (e.g. further pre-filter plates or gas sorption stages can be connected for the elimination of odours – in modular design!)
  • Flow optimized fans in special collocation:
    Optimum inflow into the main filter and use of the entire surface. Replacement of the main filter is only necessary if full load has been achieved, energy consumption is extremely low.
  • Easy maintenance:
    UNIFIL applies slide-in units for standardized filter elements. This makes maintenance easy and a replacement is done in few minutes.

Always well informed: No unplanned maintenance work anymore due to forgotten exchange of filter inserts and precise control of the mist collector: The digital Filtermonitor M.230-5000 by ILT makes maintenance of any UNIFIL easy. You save costs by avoiding unexpected machine downtimes, full suction power is ensured always, and you comply easily with ESH-regulations.

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UNIFIL® Filtering Separator: Little space is no problem.

UNIFIL® Filtering Separator at fully open machine (no cabinet)

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ELOFIL® Electrofilter & UNIFIL® Filtering Separator: group-exhaust installation

UNIFIL® Air Cleaner: Exhaustion of small emission sources, legal requirements fully met