Reliable elimination of all kinds of dust

Dust is an annoying companion of many working processes. And last but not least a great cause of risk to your workshop. With our solutions, you provide for:

  • Property value retention of your investment goods (prevention of dust deposits)
  • lowered overhead costs (e. g. air conditioning costs)
  • active protection of your personnel and adherence to maximum permissible contamination values
  • prevention of explosions and general accidents

You find our solutions chiefly:

  • in the machine building industry
  • metal-processing industry
  • carbon-fibre processing industry
  • agribusinesses
  • and food industry

Application of our dust removal solutions comprise all usual processing methods as for example

  • milling operations
  • grinding processes
  • bag filling and packing workplaces
  • mixing devices

Solutions against dust in your workshop

We offer quality solutions since 1983. Several device configurations provide for a dust-free workshop:


Dedusters eliminate dust effectively.

Easy to operate and to maintain and very robust. With their effective self-cleaning feature and thanks to modern filter media, STAFIL makes you forget problems with dust in your workshop.

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CLAROFIL® Air Scrubbers

Your solution for complex and dangerous dust-mixtures.

Especially air polluted by problematic substances (e.g. organic dust like flour) is handled and cleaned safely with CLAROFIL.

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FILCONCEPT® and engineering by ILT

One solution for all challenges in air filtration.

We do not simply deliver good air filtration devices but whole solutions; turn-key-ready. From 600 to 100,000 m³/h and more...

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