Effective gas neutralisation and odor elimination

Smells and odors are unpleasant, diminish workplace quality and interfere with the environment. If gases develop everyone is immediately endangered. Solutions by us help you to

  • actively protect your staff against airborne chemical hazards,
  • adhere to authority regulations,
  • protect your investment goods,
  • elevate efficiency of production processes.

You find our solutions against odors and gaseous contaminations chiefly in

  • metal processing industry,
  • waste disposal and water treatment industry,
  • electronics industry (e. g. impregnating equipments)
  • small-scale installations (e. g. local workplace exhaustion)

Solutions against gases and odors

Since 1983 we offer our clients quality solutions. Several device configurations take care of a clean and gas-free workshop:

UNIFIL® Air Purifiers

High Efficiency with HEPA-Filter.

Simple installation, easy operation and maintenance. Thanks to its design and use of high-quality filter inserts, UNIFIL reaches an unrivalled filter service life and separation performance of 99.997% for particles > 0.3µm.

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FILCONCEPT® and engineering by ILT

One solution for all challenges in air filtration.

We do not simply deliver good air filtration devices but whole solutions; turn-key-ready. From 600 to 100,000 m³/h and more...

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