Eliminiation of microbiological contaminants with clean air solutions

(Micro-) Biological contamination does not only diminish production quality but also endangers your staff. Take care of clean air in your workshop with our solutions:

  • active protection against airborne bio-hazards,
  • easy adherence to maximum permissible values,
  • lowered overhead costs (e.g. air coniditioning costs),
  • elevated efficiency in production processes.

You find our devices and installations against airborne bio-hazards chiefly in

  • waste disposal, sewage treatmant plants and recycling industry (protection against airborne germs and bacteria),
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry and laboratories

Solutions against biological contaminations

Since 1983 we specialize in high-quality clean air solutions. Several device configurations help you to keep your workhshop's air clean:

UNIFIL® Air Purifiers

High Efficiency with HEPA-Filter.

Simple installation, easy operation and maintenance. Thanks to its design and use of high-quality filter inserts, UNIFIL reaches an unrivalled filter service life and separation performance of 99.997% for particles > 0.3µm.

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KOMBIFIL® Dualfilters

For special requirements

Changing, heavy air pollution at critical production processes require special filtration solutions. KOMBIFIL provides for clean air at lowest operating costs.

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FILCONCEPT® and engineering by ILT

One solution for all challenges in air filtration.

We do not simply deliver good air filtration devices but whole solutions; turn-key-ready. From 600 to 100,000 m³/h and more...

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